MUTHERS is a lot more than your average recording & rehearsal studio. We provide a base for bands who are involved in the Birmingham music scene. a place where they can congregate, hang out, work and socialise. We provide a hub  where musicians and artists can drink, relax, play and make music.

As well as providing lock up’s and hourly rehearsal studios for bands, we also have a hybrid Analogue Tape/Digital Pro Tools based recording studio, a live music venue and we also play host to the magnificent B Drum, Birmingham’s finest independent drum store and now our latest addition Mike aka ‘professional audio engineering‘ can repair your pedals, set up your guitars and offer other repair services all in house. 

Our reception has a nice, relaxed vibe with a pool table and our bar area is stocked with snacks and refreshments as well as a fine selection of alcoholic beverages.

The conservatory venue hosts all kinds of events most Saturday evenings and you can also hire the space to host your own private gigs and parties.


Muthers Studio Location (click to enlarge)

14 Rea St S - Google Maps