MUTHERS RECORDING STUDIO brings together analogue and digital technology plus a variety of  acoustically treated spaces.

The combination of outboard pre amps, vintage compressors, effects; tape and the latest DAW technology deliver clear & outstanding  recordings every time.

Studio Space

The key to a great recording is the sound of the rooms in the studio itself and at Muthers there are some amazing sounding spaces. The control room has a large, dry wood cabin feel, it’s great for recording acoustic instruments and voice. The smaller live room is acoustically dead and this allows any sound to be captured cleanly & accurately whilst the large, open conservatory space makes any drum kit sound Huge and the room is large enough to track a big band, choir or even a small orchestra!

Control Room

Live room

Recording live room at Muthers Studio Birmingham.



The studio can be hired without an engineer.

*Logic & Ableton DAW’s are loaded on to the studio mac. Pro Tools available on request.

Anyone interested needs to book a simple induction to be shown around before first session.

£30 per hour (minimum 2 hours)


Recording session with a top industry professional engineer.

£40 per hour (minimum 2 hours)


Full mic set up recorded live from stage with an engineer. Includes the option of taking the files away to mix yourself for free or having it mixed post recording in the studio at a later date.

£40 per hour


Includes 2 full days to record a song with an engineer & producer David McCabe (Universal Publishing, EMI, Warner Chappel).

 Song will then be mixed down afterwards by an industry leading mixing engineer (genre dependant).

After the mix is finalised the song will then go on to be mastered by an industry leading mastering engineer Pete Maher (U2, The Killers, Beady Eye, Katy Perry).



Technical Jargon

96khz digital recording through pro tools and logic pro as well as providing analogue tape recording through a Tascam 38 1/2 inch tape machine.


16 channels of pristine discrete class A Audient ASP008 as well as  4 x MOTU 828’s and 2 x DBX 286A channel strips. If you want more bite and warmth we have a stereo ART Pro MPA stereo valve mic pre and an 8 track Tascam 38 1/2″ tape machine to give grit and drive to your recordings.


We also have a stereo pair of classic DBX 160A and 160X Compressors and as well as that we now have a stereo FMR audio RNC

Our microphone cabinet includes the new Aston Spirit, award winning multi pattern condenser, Sennheiser E906,  Sure SM57’s, AKG C1000’s (pair), AKG C214 (pair), C414ULS, Beyer m260 (ribbon), Beyer M808’s (pair) Revox 3500 (pair), AKGD112’s, Sure Beta 52, Rode NT1’s (pair) and renowned Audix D series.

We also have a quality range of guitar amps including  VOX AC30, Orange tiny terror, Fender Deville, Sans amp rigs and an Orange bass terror amongst others  and a choice of drum kits including a Yamaha custom oak


examples of other tracks recorded at the studio

For more information feel free to use the contact form below or telephone 0121 622 7110

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