MUTHERS RECORDING STUDIO brings together analogue and digital recording in a variety of  interesting acoustic spaces.

The combination of outboard pre amps, vintage compressors, effects; tape and the latest DAW technology deliver clear & outstanding recordings every time.

Clients we have worked with include the BBC, Universal, Sony BMG, LG, Popcorn music, Birmingham opera company, The Gadget Show, Sauce music, Hell Cat Records

Control Room



Recording live room at Muthers Studio Birmingham.



*Ideal for professionals

Recording session with industry professional David McCabe and assistant engineer (where applicable).

Weekdays : £35 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Half day (up to 4.5 hours) £140

Full day (up to 9.5 hours) £280

Weekends: £45 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

Half day (up to 4.5 hours) £180

Full day (up to 9.5 hours) £320

Mixing £200 per song.

Mastering £80 per song.



*Ideal for bands

  • All amplifiers and kit can be provided and will be mic’d up and ready to go.
  • 4 hours to complete some live takes, choose the best one & then vocal & instrument overdubs of up to 4 songs.
  • Tracks will be then professionally mixed, mastered & delivered within 3-5 working days.

DRUMS: Pearl export. BASS: Sansamp Tech 21-NYC/Crown XLI 800 with Ampeg SVT810 speaker cabinet. GUITARS: 2x Orange TH130 30w Valve amps & bespoke 4×12 speaker cabinets. 

  • Option to bring your own amps/cabs etc just let us know prior to the session so we can be ready.
  • Alternatively just bring breakables, instruments, additional instruments & yourselves
  • Includes one mix revision per song.
  • Session can be filmed as a 3 camera shoot and then edited as either one live take of one song or a recording montage for additional £250.
  • Additional hours of overdubs or mixing can be arranged in the studio charged at studio rate.
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by David McCabe @ Muthers Studio ©2019


*Ideal for rappers and singers

£60 for 2 hours

Mondays/Tuesdays 10.30am – 10.30pm

The opportunity to record your vocals to your backing track with an engineer at the studio used by GRM daily.

1 hour to record & 1 hour for a live mix and master (includes 1 quick revision within 2 days).

  • Please bring your backing track on a memory stick or ask us to download from YouTube prior to session.
  • Song will transferred to you as a link as a high quality WAV file plus MP3
  • Any mix revisions will be charged as an additional £30 for up to two revisions.
  • Each additional hour priced at £30.
  • Filmed and edited to final mix of 1 song additional £60 per 2 hour session.


£30 per hour (minimum 2 hours)

* Ideal for producers

Logic & Ableton DAW’s are loaded on to the studio machine. Pro Tools available on request.

Extensive packs and sound libraries installed, Plug ins include waves gold bundle, SSL bundle and Brainworx. Soft synths include Arturia & Novation.

Midi controllers include Ableton push 2

Anyone interested needs to book a simple induction to be shown around before first session.



* Ideal for artists with a great song they wish to release

Includes 2 full days to produce & record your song with signed producer David McCabe (Universal Publishing, EMI, Warner Chapel, Popcorn Music). Plus an assisting engineer to help with set ups, microphone placement, DAW control and the artists needs.

 Song will then be mixed down afterwards by an industry leading mixing engineer (genre dependant).

*The mix engineers we have used have mixed for artists including Oasis, A Tribe Called Quest, Adele, Calvin Harris, James Arthur & The Happy Mondays.

After the mix is finalised the song will then go on to be mastered by an industry leading mastering engineer Pete Maher (U2, The Killers, Beady Eye, Katy Perry).

Examples of work.

Mixed by Owen Morris, Produced & Mastered by David McCabe @ Muthers Studio ©2019

Mixed by Aaron Ahmad, Mastered by David McCabe @ Muthers Studio ©2019

Radio 1 record of the week

Mixed by Michael Rosen, Mastered by Ken Lee, Recorded by David McCabe, @ Muthers Studio ©2019 Hellcat Records
Music by Mau Loseto, Mixed & Mastered by David McCabe @ Muthers Studio ©2019

Aesthetica Film Festival, York (BAFTA-Qualifying) 2018
New Renaissance Film Festival, London (Winner: Best Dance Short Award) 2018
Lights Dance Film Festival, Toronto (Winner: Audience Choice Award) 2018
Hackney Short Film Festival (Winner: Best Narrative Drama Award) 2018
Zanzibar International Film Festival, 2018
Afrika Film Festival, Cologne, 2018
Afrikana Film Festival, Virginia, 2018
Short Sounds Film Festival, Bournemouth, 2018
24fps International Film Festival, Texas, 2018
Beatfreeks: Festival of Audacity, Birmingham, 2018
Spill Festival, Ipswich, 2018
Melanin Box Festival, London, 2018
Frame Rush, The Place, 2019
Short Fuse, Birmingham, 2019

For more information feel free to use the contact form below or telephone 0121 622 7110

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